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The communication is changing really fast. In the past, people didn’t have TVs and phones like today. They communicated in a different way – through letters. Over time a new way of communicating began, for example by radio and also by phone. Now everyone uses phones to communicate. Today’s technology isn’t as perfect as it seems to be.

Families don’t talk to each other as they did before and teenagers spend most of their time on social media, so they don’t spend a lot of time with their friends in person. Nowadays we talk with friends using text messages or social medias. I don’t like this method of communication because eveyone spends time behind screens.The good thing about this is that we can communicate with people, who are very far away from us.

I think that communication will change and I hope it will be better. I hope people won’t use phones  so much and they will rather talk in person, face to face. The future progress in technology will change the dynamics of communication all across the world, in the classrooms, at work and in public.

Ajla Mahmutović, 9.b