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Veronika Vida Brunšek, nadarjena učenka 8.c razreda, ki poglablja znanje angleščine, je v angleščini zapisala obnovo knjige Elmer, ki govori o bogastvu drugačnosti, o čemer je tema letošnjega projekta Korak k Sončku. Odlično zapisano obnovo si lahko preberete v nadaljevanju.

Mentorica projekta Monika Ahtik


Once upon a time, there was a herd of elephants. Even though they were different from each other, they were happy and the same colour – all apart from Elmer.

Elmer was different. He was the colours of the rainbow not grey. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that the elephants enjoyed being beside him and loved joking with him, Elmer enjoyed it too.

One night Elmer couldn’t fall asleep, he was thinking how he’s fed up of being different. In the morning when all the elephants were still sleeping, Elmer sneaked out.

On the way to the jungle, he saw other animals and happily greeted them. He kept walking and walking until he finally found what he was looking for – a massive bush. He grabbed it with his trunk and shook it so much that all berries of the usual elephant colour fell off. When the floor became coloured in berries, he started rolling in them. He stopped when there was no more evidence of his natural rainbow colours. Elmer now looked the same as every other elephant.

On the way back, the animals greeted him again, but they did not recognise it was Elmer. Elmer was very happy because of it. When he came back, no one noticed him. The elephants stood still and Elmer found that very weird. The more he looked at them the funnier it seemed. Finally he couldn’t hold back anymore and bursted out laughing. The animals were so surprised they jumped all over the place. “It was definitely Elmer!” shouted the elephants and started laughing.

While they were still laughing, it started raining. The rain washed off Elmer’s colour and he was the colours of the rainbow again.

The elephants decided to celebrate this day every day every year. Other elephants paint themselves in different colours, but Elmer paints himself in grey. It’s called The Elmer’s day.