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Today I am going to tell you all about friendship, all the important qualities that I look for in a friend and something about my personality.

I personally think that I am quite optimistic because I always try to find a positive thing in a bad situation. I am a very supportive person and I always support my friends no matter the situation. I am also a kind person; if you ask me to help you with something, I will always give you a hand.

Even though I love my friends and my life would be very different without them, they are not as important as my family. I always put my family in the first place because they are always by my side and they always support my decisions.

The qualities I look most for in friends are kindness, because I don’t want to be around negative energies and negative people. I love when my friends are very honest because I wouldn’t want my friends to lie to my face and tell me things that they don’t actually mean. I avoid people that are rude and selfish because I don’t want to start acting like them and develop their negative qualities.                                                                                                                           

 I am very thankful to have such amazing people in my life and be able to call them my friends.

Maša Marinšek, 9. a