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Once upon a time there was a group of students that visited Malta. You know what Malta is? It’s a very small island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Malta covers just over 316 km2, making it one of the smallest countries in the world.

We arrived at The George Hotel, where some of us stayed, at about noon and quickly started shouting out how amazing our hotel rooms are. We immediately unpacked our luggage and went for a look around with the teachers. As night fell upon our happy and tiring first day, we went bowling to commemorate the perfect arrival. None of us were that good at bowling, even the teachers all beat us…

On the second day we started off with a very tasty breakfast. When we were all ready to proceed with the day, our teachers escorted us across the street to the ESE (European School of English) building. There we were asked to complete a test to sort us according to our knowledge of the English language. We were divided into two groups. Our group had an awesome teacher. Next, we went on a trip around the island with the tour boat. At night, we played bowling again. We lost. Miserably. Again.

On Friday we had school in the morning again. Afterwards  we went on a trip to Mdina, the former capital of Malta. It was loads of fun and we got to take loads of panoramic pictures. In Mdina, there is a restaurant that is said to have the best cake on the island. We all agreed to go get a piece of the famous chocolate cake.

We couldn’t believe how time went by when we woke up on Saturday. So much fun went by so fast. We began this day with tasty breakfast again, and then quickly got on the bus to take us to the ferry. On this day, we went to the island of Gozo, which is a small island next to the island of Malta. The ferry ride was quite short and once we got off, we quickly started with the tour of the island. When the tour was complete, all that was left was a quick visit to the shore line, where we went for a swim in the ocean. The beach was amazing, and so was the sea. Very cold, too. At night, we visited a part of Malta we had already seen on the second day. The travel was quite long, because we had to walk.

”Oh look, we slept in!” – That’s how the day started for me and my roommates. Yes, you guessed it, we had slept in on the last day. We quickly prepared our luggage and went to breakfast. When we had packed, there was a short last day tour of the capital – Valletta. This time, the bus we took was a city bus, so it wasn’t reserved especially for us. On the bus, it was very crowded, so we couldn’t wait to get off and start with some last minute shopping in Valletta. In Valletta, our brief tour consisted of going to the city centre, where most shops were located. Everybody got what they needed for their families or themselves there. The last thing we witnessed after our shopping spree, was the everyday firing of the canons. We all had our cameras prepared. Most of us got what we needed. The man who shot the cannon acted very silly, so the videos are quite humoristic.Then we returned to the crowded city bus and got back to the hotel for our luggage. Next came the airport on Malta, and before we knew it, we were back in Austria. We got on a bus that took us back to Velenje to our families.

Our stay on Malta was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. The people, the culture, the nightlife, the beaches, the sea, the boats,…Everything is so different there! Not to mention our teachers, who were very patient with us the whole time we were on Malta. Thank you all for the magical experience! You probably wish you were there…Well, all I can say is: It was legen – wait for it – dary! Photo gallery.

Amadej Šuperger