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Hello, my name is Filip and this is the city I would die to live in. The city that is in the picture is my master piece of creation. There are a lot of buildings, like a fivestar hotel, a museum of art, a cinema, a library and more.

My favourite building is probably the grocery store and my least favourite is the flat building on the left. When I was creating my city I was thinking about what buildings I want to have in my city. The buildings that I chose were: two flat buildings, one is on the left next to the cinema and the other is between the library and the post office, the cinema is in front of the five-star hotel, the bank is behind the grocery store Hofer, and finally the museum of art is between the flat building on the right and the bank.

In the two flat buildings people buy flats and then live in them. When people have some spear time they can go to the cinema (the cinema in this city is the best cinema in Slovenia). In the cinema people can watch free movies and eat free snacks like popcorn, candies and stuff like that. They can also go to the museum of art. In the museum people can admire the master pieces of the best artists in the world. And we also have a very good library. In the library we can read books, study, play games on computers and rest. You may be wondering where the school is but in my city there is no school. In my city there is online schooling. Like almost every city my city has a post office. In the post office you can grab the mail or buy a lottery ticket. The hotel is the best hotel in Slovenia. The main reason why this city is so good is because everything here is FREE, except the flats. But don’t think the flats are expensive, they are very cheap. I’m talking really cheap.

I hope you liked my city and see you next time.

Filip Gabor, 5.c