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There is a park in my town. You can play some sports in the park. There is also a swimming pool. I like to swim there. My sister likes riding a horse. We have horses in the stable. I go to the school every day; I can read, learn and write there. I like our library because I like to read books.

In my town, there is a cinema. There you can watch some movies. When we need some money, we go to the bank. We can eat and drink in the restaurant. There is a bus station in my town. You can wait for a bus there. You can buy different things in the shop; we have also a bookshop. In my town, there is the museum. You can see different old things there.

The park is next to the stable. The stable is behind the swimming pool. The bus station is opposite the swimming pool. The restaurant is in front of the bus station. The bank in next to the restaurant. The school is next to the stable. The library is between the school and the cinema. The cinema is behind the museum. The shop and the bookshop are in front of the museum.

I like the cinema and the museum in my town; I do not like the stable and the bank.

Matevž Mesarec, 5. b