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My favourite month is December because of Christmas and the celebration of New Year. I like that part of the year because my family is together, we get gifts and we have Christmas holidays. My parents also don’t work in that period, so we have time to get ready for the celebration. We put up a Christmas tree and we decorate the whole house and the wheelhouse. Everything smells of holidays.

Sometimes we visit someone or we just stay at home. We prepare dinner and invite my aunt Bernarda with her family and grandparents. I and my brother listen to music and dance. We all like eating delicious food. At midnight we wish each other good health and good luck. We call relatives in Serbia via Skype. We spend some time outside with our neighbours. We like looking at lights all around us. The best New Year is when we have snow. We usually go to sleep at 2.00 am.

On the first day of the New Year we sleep longer. I usually get up at 9 am. My brother gets up at 7 am. He always has something to do. We visit other relatives in Slovenia, and the neighbours come to us. Later in the afternoon we play games, watch films and cartoons and we eat cakes. We look forward to the next New Year.

Luka Meža, 6.a