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In the early hours on 31 December we clean up the house. At around five p.m. we boil the soup and bake chicken, potatoes and vegetables. When the food is baked and cooked, we decorate the table. After we decorate the table, we put on beautiful dresses. We talk and laugh at dinner. After dinner we go to our friends’. We watch TV shows, dance and sing. At midnight we wish each other a happy and healthy New Year. Then we play games or we draw. We go home at around two a.m. The next day we wake up at around half past ten, watch films and eat a rich breakfast. We usually play board games on the couch. Every year we go to our grandparents’. We have lunch there and we wish each other a Happy New Year. We also phone my granny and my grandpa from another town and we wish them a Happy New Year, too.

Mia Srebotnik Stanko, 6.a